We need a snowmobile deck. Grab the sawzall and let's cut four feet off.

A large part of buying a short school bus was so that I could still get around easily in parking lots at the top of mountain passes where we typically unload the snowmobiles and head out into the back country. I knew I had to buy a bus that was at least 5 windows long so that I could chop the back four feet off and build a snowmobile deck on the back. I also started to notice that the 5 window buses are dually which allows more weight to be put on the rear.

My dad made his way down from Idaho to help with chopping the bus. He's a genius when it comes to taking apart something and putting it back together. We ground out all the rivets, used a sawzall to blaze a cut across the ceiling and then slowly started to pull the back of the bus off.


My dad parting the Red Sea.

Cutting the ceiling where we'll reattach.


It's four feet shorter on the interior now. 76 square feet of living space.

Back reattached with the four feet of chassis to build off of.