Dear Bus Life Community,

Seeing the 3D visualizations and images of Australia on fire has rocked me. I have always been aware and supportive of efforts to resolve climate change but it wasn't until seeing a few of these images online that something inside of me awakened.

I'm writing all of you because out of all of this I've realized that the biggest thing each of us can do is create more awareness. One Instagram post by you on climate change could reach someone in your circle that isn't fully aware of the magnitude of the issue placed upon us. One conversation with a friend or family member or random stranger could get them thinking and hopefully get them to realize that we need to do everything we can to change what is happening to our little paradise in the unforgiving universe.

There is no bailout option from the universe. Once we're done, we're done.

I've also been thinking about my parents recently. My parents are amazing people with huge hearts that would do anything for anyone yet they don't reduce, reuse and recycle to the extent that I do and they buy cheaper and unsustainable things to make their dollar stretch further. Why? This has been a question on my mind for a while and I have finally realized that it's because they were never taught to. They didn't grow up in a world that is in the state that we are now. Nobody educated them on the effects of their daily routine. That lack of knowledge and education got passed onto myself and my two siblings. I didn't know any better because I was never taught. Sure, there was some light discussion of recycling newspapers and such but nothing about plastic, fossil fuels, over fishing and the impact that eating meat has on our environment.

So rather than blaming my parent's and older generations for the damage they've done to our planet I've decided to do two things to spread awareness:

1) I'm going to do my best to help educate older generations on how to reduce, reuse and recycle along with why it is so important to our existence. I am not going to shame or guilt them for what they may not have known.

2) I'm going to do my best to help educate younger generations on how to reduce, reuse and recycle because they are the future and if we can start to help educate younger generations, our planet might just stand a chance.

I'm also going to personally donate some of my own money to organizations that are doing everything they can to help with the situation in Australia. Not only are there Skoolie mates down under but there are humans just like you and I and I'll bet money that the more of them that survive, the more of them that will be 100% on board to help start making changes to help our climate get back on track.

Australia Fires Anthony Hearsey 600x400

3D Visualization By: Anthony Hearsey

Patrick Schmidt (our social media manager), his wife Mary and I have looked into organizations that we feel are the best options to donate to so if you're curious and want to donate as well then look into the three organizations below. I personally am donating to all three with as much as I can afford to.

NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund


Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities

If you're like me and don't have much money to give, you can still make a difference in the bigger picture by helping spread awareness. Take your younger cousin, niece, nephew, etc. under your wing and help get them to start thinking about their future. Post about it. We live in a world were information can be spread across the entire globe at the tap of a button.

What are you doing or have been doing to help make a change? Maybe you're doing something I wasn't even aware I could do. I'd love to hear from our Bus Life Adventure community. Drop me a line: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll try my best to reply.

Much love,

Brock Butterfield @brockbutterfield
Founder - @buslifeadventure @thebusfair