The drive back to UT to fix the snowmobile deck was fairly easy going without any hiccups. I met with Seth from Trail Ridge Off Road and we put a plan together to fix the sled deck from sagging by boxing in the frame and adding some support structures. While Seth worked on resolving the saggy bus, the rest of us met up with "Kickstarter Mike" for some riding at Canyons Resort. Mike had donated the most amount of money on our Kickstarter which earned him a day of snowboarding with us and a night stay in the bus. Mike passed on the crowded bus and went with his comfortable condo he was staying at with his kids and wife who we cooked dinner for after a day on the slopes.

Trail Ridge Off-Road finished the reinforced snowmobile deck and we loaded up some supplies for Jackson Hole where we hoped to catch another storm. Along the drive to Jackson I noticed that Bruce The Bus had no power on anything uphill. I had the pedal mashed to the floor and he just didn't have any power. It wouldn't down shift so I assumed it was a transmission issue. I took the bus to Jackson Hole Express Lube & Carwash where they helped changed the transmission filter and add new fluid as I assumed that was the issue. 

That same day we went out past Togwotee Pass to pick up the snowmobiles we had left and the bus still didn't have any power going up hill. I called Rich at Gillet Diesel Service and we determined that the issue was the waste gate on the turbo. It was getting stuck fully open and not allowing any pressure to build up to create torque and power. I tore into the motor and found the turbo and waste gate. With a little help from our photographer and friend, Ben Giradi, we were able to wire the waste gate completely shut permanently for constant power and it worked liked a charm. 

We struggled to find good snow to ride over the next few days and as we started making a plan to wait it out for the next storm in Jackson. At the same time a huge storm system moved into southern Colorado with up to 7 feet expected by the end of the storm. This caught our interest...


Linking in with Kickstarter Mike.



Pasta and meatballs with Mike's family.


Mike placing a Bus Life Adventure sticker somewhere in Park City...


We made a stop in the Verts factory. These simple little snowshoes make climbing snowy mountains easy.



Back to Wyoming!



Our buddy Dave let us crash on his floor for a few nights. Thanks Dave!



Jackson Hole Express Lube. This dude taught me a lot about transmissions in a short period.