With hardly any sleep from the night before it was a rough one making it to Wichita only a few hours away.

My best friend from high school currently lives in Wichita, KS so it was a good place to stop and crash for a couple hours before pushing on. We took a tour of the air force base, had some killer BBQ and checked out the "Keeper of the Plains" which is a giant statue of an Indian Chief that is lit up each night.

The fuel planes. Big boys.

No comment.

Keeper Of The Plains

After some much needed rest, a cold brew and BBQ we hit the asphalt again heading towards CO. Before we crossed the border we came across a small town that I had been through before and remembered an old man that had all sorts of metal artwork. We came across his property again to find double the amount of artwork as when I was there last.

Take the side roads. You won't regret it.

I wonder if this guy listens to Metal while making metal artwork? Megadeth perhaps?

Wonder how Laura Bush got her head stuck up her ass?

We ended up meeting the old man who let us watch him weld a heart.

He also has the worlds largest coffee mug collection. Room 1 of 10. Think he has a favorite?

We continued on and crossed into Colorado. The desert country side that holds a special place in my heart began to roll into view and we took an old road I've never been on. Over the next 4 hours we passed maybe two cars and no gas stations. Thankfully Bruce was getting great gas mileage and drove until we saw gas. It was getting close to sunset and we had Wolf Creek Pass ahead of us before we reached Durango for the night. It was the first mountain pass I had attempted in the bus and Bruce handled it like a champ. We saw yet another mind blowing sunset at the top of the pass and stopped to take some photos. If there's one thing I've been getting better at it's pulling over or turning around when you see something worth taking a photo of. You'll be glad you did. Again, what's the rush if you got time?

Can't wait to hit this resort in the winter with Bruce.

Durango city lights came into view as I rounded the last mountain curve. The local brewery was still open so we stopped in for a pint and some food. The brewery allowed you to write in chalk on the floor so we took the opportunity to write out Instagram handles everywhere (@buslifeadventure @brockbutterfield @bregantephoto). On the way back to the bus I had the idea to also write it on the sidewalk. Before I could finish I caught a vehicle out of the corner of my eye come to a screeching hault. Cops. Again.

Now I've had my fair share of run-ins with the law dog and I usually don't care for their attitude. However, this chap ended up being the best law enforcement officer I've ever met. After we explained what Instagram was he suggested we may not want to write that on city property anymore. He then inquired about the bus and was fascinated. He gave us some advice on where to park for the night where we wouldn't be hassled. It ended up being one of my favorite camp spots of the trip. The stars where bright and the Milk Way was unbelievable. Ryan set up for a couple shots of which became some of my favorite from the trip.

The universe is a fascinating thing isn't it?