This lifestyle isn't an escape from reality.

This is about stepping into who you are and creating your new reality... One that has been designed for you, by you.

Guest Writer: Kara Allen - Soulsom.Buslife on Instagram, YouTube

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We had the house mortgage and all the material things that went in it, everything we grew up thinking would make us happy. We soon realised it wasn’t.

We were living someone else’s idea of "happy" and "home." We wanted something else for ourselves.

We are soulsom.buslife from Australia - Kara, Luke, Jayden, Savannah, and Dakota.


How did we get here?

It started with my (Kara) crazy idea of renting out our home and living in a caravan. So we did that.

8 months of living the van life is all it took to realize this was it. This was the life we wanted to live.

4 weeks later we upgraded to our beautiful bus home, which we built ourselves. A Home on Wheels, something small, but still big enough to sustain the kids growing up. We sold everything and hit the road.

This lifestyle is not an extended holiday, so you can't expect that it's all smiles and relaxation. The kids are not going to just run outside with excitment at every new place. We thought "home schooling will be so easy" because the kids won't need to do the same long hours as at school.

They'll be so grateful for this opportunity.

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 For "bus schooling" we have registered with our State to homeschool our kids. We utilize online resources a few hours in the morning, and the rest of the day is hands-on, out in the world learning.

I’m a health and Lifestyle Coach, so I teach the kids about mindset, believing in themselves and their dreams.

Do they just sit down and get to work? Haha, yeah! No.

Some days are great and others... not so much. But we can’t blame Bus Life for that.

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🌅 Our mornings look a little like me annoying the kids to get up.📣🎶🥁🎺 Well I start nice, wake up Babies,🙋🏼‍♀️ then I try to cuddle them, 🤼‍♀️ 😴 but they are like zombies🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ growling at me, Ill sit at Jaydens doorway just swinging and talking to myself, as he usually farts when I open his door. 💨😵 But if that doesn't work,
I usually vacuum,😎 ( @bush.princess loves when I do that) she is like a cat swiping at my legs as I go past her. 🐈🤣 telling me to stop.😂 Meanwhile Luke is in the background like girls quick look at me. SMIIILLLE. 😂🤣😂🤣

Home schooling Day One...

Ok so It played out way smoother in my head, but we did it, we got through day 1.

It will take some time to get things going. To get the kids motivated, but once we got into things they were good.

Included in English is a travel Journal, and now being older we have decided that they can blog about it, we are using a free wix account for each of them, they can add photos, and share about each week, seeing our travels through their eyes. Super excited to see how each of them take this on.

Once they have their first blog up I'll share them with anyone keen to read.

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It was an effort at times to get them to school or finish homework in a regular house. As parents, we sometimes forget that we need to find what works for each of our kids and learn as we go.

Are they grateful? Let me ask them...

...the verdict is in: They defiantly are!

If you dream it and put in the work, you can achieve it.

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Old Life chasing the New Life

I grew up never wanting to try new things, following the crowd and just blending into the background. After having kids, I wanted them to see a strong mum, someone who owned exactly who she was.

Through years of studying, working on myself and really putting in hard personal work, I tapped into what my family and I love and realized where we wanted our life to go.

Bus Life, nature, and adventure fit perfectly within that vision, which has only grown with this lifestyle.

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What I realized was this: don't try and run this new lifestyle like your old one, because it doesn't work.

Instead, learn to let go of the expectations that you have, and make your way though it, doing what feels right. When it doesn't feel right anymore, make some adjustments.

Give it time. Don't quit because it's not what you expected. Is anything ever like you expected it to be? Expectations vs Reality.

Our Current Reality

We were on the road in the bus for a year in 2017. After a few rough patches, we returned back to our home town. A little broken, we were wondering what to do. 

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Where do we park the bus? Should we rent an apartment or house?

We couldn’t go back into a house. We love living small, and being minimalists, we stayed in our hometown in our Bus.

Luke started working again and the kids started attending a new school. Here we were, making small adjustments as we went.

It took some time, but we realized that through it all, we couldn’t blame bus life for those hard moments. Life happens, house or bus or van or boat.

Lessons Learned

Learn to sit back and be grateful, grateful for the opportunities, to step out and create yourself. Grateful for what you are creating, grateful that you get to show your kids a different way of living or simply proving to yourself that you can.

If you have kids, find time for yourself, find time for you and your partner. Living small means you know what everyone is doing all the time, so take a step back from controlling what everyone is doing and have 'you' time.

U Got This self care benefits everyone.

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We make sure we all have space. We can get on top of each other a bit, but I definitely prefer this over a house where everyone hides in their own corner.

We are a close family and Bus Life has created that. Having older kids, and us parents going out for plenty of walks, with separate areas in the bus, somehow it just works.

I sit in our Bus often and just smile. I'm so in love with what we have created and although it's not all smooth sailing, we are OKAY with that. Growth and new opportunities don't come from comfort and standing still, they come from stepping out and trying something new.

Don't fear change, as we were designed to evolve and grow.

- Kara Allen, Soulsom Buslife on Instagram, YouTube

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