Buy a welder, learn how to weld, fabricate a snowmobile deck and paint the bus.


Sounds simple right? That's what I had envisioned in my mind but as with all things there were a few hiccups that we had to overcome. Because we had chopped the last four feet of the bus, we were left with four feet of chassis to weld onto and create the ultimate "fun deck" as we call it. The deck will be used for snowmobiles, four wheelers, stand up paddle boards (SUP), bikes, etc. Anything that is required for life in the bus lane.

We had to purchase most of the steel but I was able to salvage some steel from the bus seats that we used for the shelves under the "fun deck" to hold a generator, propane, wood, tools, etc.


Main frame welded and painted. Now to fabricate some shelves. Mario Mainini blazing welds.


Storage coming together.


Next we decided to give the bus a face lift with a paint job. We went with flat white to reduce heat in summer with flat black accents.

Paint on!


Primed up.


Bus needed some flat black to break up all the white. Racing stripes.


Bruce with a nice face lift.