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  • Leaving Pets alone in the Van?

    GnomadQuestions :

    "Do you ever leave the dogs alone in the van?"

    ~ By Contributing Writer: The Gnomad Home ~

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    Quick answer: Yes, but with strict guidelines.

    To be honest, we hate leaving the girls behind. We take them with us everywhere we can. But sometimes we want to do things that don't allow dogs. So what do we do in those scenarios?


    First off, we NEVER leave them unattended in the van when it's hot. Even if it's just really warm we'll have one of us stay back with them just to be safe (ie: one of us runs into the grocery store instead of both of us). Even when the weather really is nice we'll still have one of us hang back because that means we can get some work done while the other runs the errands. We have ways of keeping our van comfortable in hot weather - like reflective window coverings, a vent fan, cooling towels, etc - but we still like to be safe.
    If the weather is cool enough (comfortably cool, not freezing temps) we may pop into a restaurant here or there. But being the over-protective parents we are, we'll park in a visible spot and ask for a seat by the window (😅).
    We never leave them unattended for long, I'd say no more than an hour tops, and if whatever we are doing ends up being longer than an hour then one of us will pop out to check on them every once in awhile to make sure they're comfortable and have water.

    Sometimes we want to do REALLY cool stuff that doesn't allow dogs like go to a concert, check out some museums or spend all day at the movies, and in those scenarios we tend to leave them with a Rover sitter that we vet heavily. Yes, yes, we're those parents, haha. We have very high standards for what sort of strangers we'll leave our girls with and if we don't find a good match we just re-evaluate our plans until we find an option we're comfortable with.
    We built this van for our girls, to show them a life outside of a fenced-in backyard. So we don't like the idea of abandoning them a bunch. But the van is their home and their comfort zone, so it's far less stressful than it used to be leaving them behind.
    What about you? Do you travel with pets? Do you leave them in the van? Comment on our instagram post!

    - Jayme, John, Nymeria, Delilah

  • You're never alone in the middle of nowhere.


    "What do you feel when you're in the middle of nowhere, far away from a city, all alone?"

    ~ By Contributing Writer:  The Gnomad Home ~

    900alone nature van life

    When we are secluded in the middle of nowhere is when we feel most at home. When the free-range cows next to our van are our alarm clock and the sun rising over a distant mountain is the lamp on our bedside table.

    We step outside our van and greet neighbor Sequoia. We're able to sink our fingers into dirt that has forgotten what a loving touch feels like. We're able to clearly hear the songs sung by all of nature's ensembles without being drowned out by the sound of cars humming on a highway or nonstop TVs, radios, or phones making their distracting beeps and honks and rings and noises, noises, noises.

    When we're far away from the chaos of cities and the craziness that follows, we find ourselves able to connect deeper within. We're able to hear our instincts guiding us towards our truth. We're able to rediscover our purpose, our drive, our passion, our abilities.

    When we choose the wild as our home we choose ourselves. We choose to create. To explore. To learn. To discover. To unravel. To understand. To reconnect. We're able to see our lives for the reality they hold. We're able to know ourselves in ways we've never seen. We're able to hear what we're called to do as if someone were screaming it in our face.

    When we go back to the cities, the crowds, the chaos, we lose all that in an instant. We want to grab a stranger and proclaim to them the lives we discovered just beyond that treeline in the distance. We want to grab them by the hand and pull them to the edge of the cliffs where we planted our own feet, and show them a world of radical understanding as they dive to the waters of discovery below.

    But the cities have cell service. And cell phones carry an entire galaxy of distractions. We tell someone of a waterfall and they tell us of a meme about shoes.

    You see, it's in the cities where we find ourselves painfully alone. Where people have been spoonfed a false idea of connection. It's in the wild, where we can root ourselves in the same soil as the great Redwoods, where we feel truly connected.

    You're never alone in the middle of nowhere.

     - Jayme, John, Nymeria, Delilah

    Make it a wonderful day everyone!