~2003 Ford Short School Bus Conversion~

Bus Specs:

-Make: Ford Corbeil

-Model: E-450

-Motor: 7.3L

-Year: 2003

-Interior Square Footage: 112

-Current Location: Pacific Northwest

-Purchased From/Location: First Student / Pennsylvania (buyer beware!)

-Cost in materials for the conversion: $15k

-Is the conversion complete or still in progress? complete

-Does your bus have a name? Dan the Adventure Bus

Why convert a school bus and spend all the time when you could buy an RV? RV's were too expensive and the ones the same price as a bus were pieces of crap. Better to build a custom bus on my budget and preferred materials. Plus, I could get a diesel. That was important.



How did you keep your cost low during the conversion? I didn't. Had I done this over, I would have use cheaper subfloor and plywoods, skipped rustoleum and roof sealer, would not have ripped out and replaced wall insulation, made sure the AC worked as promised, and took it to a dealer or competent Ford mechanic from the get-go. Basically, I should have had a plan.

How many can the bus sleep? 2 can fit in the bed, and I have a bench bed / floor for 2 more. Also, there is a huge lawn on the roof, so in good weather I'm sure it can sleep another 4!

What is your cooking setup? I have a camping stove that I haven't used in 3 months lol. More a sandwich and salad kinda guy

Jax is using a Magic Chef Fridge/Freezer with a small sink and hand pump faucet.

What is your power source? 250ah AGM battery + 2000w inverter, powered by 320 watts AM Solar power!

Do you have a heat source for colder weather? I had a Little Buddy, but it only lasts 5 hours. I bought a thicker sleeping bag that works well. I'm chasing fair weather, so it hasn't been too cold!

How do you stay cool in the hot summer months? I should be in higher latitudes, so hopefully I'll be fine. If not, I can start the engine and run the AC :) I'm always on the go!



What are you doing for water source and bathroom? I installed a portable toilet that I installed in a vintage trunk! I call it "The Dump Trunk"! Water I usually drink from gallon containers, and I have two 7 gallon water jugs under the sink.

What is the most unique feature of your conversion? For sure the rooftop lawn. I think I'm the first to do this!

What do you do for income while living in the bus? I create youtube videos and work with brands on my social media and have hosted shows.

What do you do for Internet while on the road? Mostly my cellphone. I stop in coffee shops and I just downloaded a wifi finder.



What’s the hardest thing about living bus life? Shower. I love showers. I opted to skip the shower install and I regret it. I love being clean.

Where can people follow or find out more about your bus? Check out my daily vlogs at www.youtube.com/jaxaustin

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