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2001 Gas Chevy Shuttle Bus Conversion For Sale

For sale is my shuttle bus conversion. Chevy V10 with low miles for a shuttle (163,XXX). Runs like a champ. Have never had an issue with this rig.

We rebuilt the interior with reclaimed fence boards, laminate flooring, 1" insulation floor to ceiling (aside from the beautiful windows!) All of the furniture was hand built and includes lots and lots of storage space. Composting toilet in the bathroom. No shower though I'm positive someone could make it work!

Included is a Cubic Mini Wood stove with adapters to get the piping through the roof. We hadn't installed it yet but planned to before this winter. Never got around to it. I can throw in a Mr. Buddy heater as well that was plenty of heat for us even in snowy weather. I think the wood stove would be incredible in the bus though. 

This bus was a labor of love and my girlfriend and I lived in it full time as well! Some life changes inspired me to pass this on to someone who can use it and love it as much as I could. I debated hanging onto it but struggle with the thought of it being unused for large portions of a year somewhere and would rather it go to a good home.

Tires are Michelin an have just 2000 miles on them! The old tires are actually in good shape too! 

Willing to negotiate but want serious inquiries only. Let me know what you think.

Price: $10,000 SOLD













School Bus Conversion

Valerie Bus

National Parks pin and patch freelance artist converts a short school bus into a boho chic skoolie.

You may remember Heidi Miller from the Life In The Bus Lane documentary and her short appearance of when she was in the beginning stages of her short bus conversion. Now with the bus conversion nearly complete Heidi has already shown her bus at the Tiny House Living Festival stop in Portland summer 2017.

Professional photographer Heather Jackson was shooting Heidi's engagement photos and decided to take some of her skoolie as well. Enjoy the photos and be on the lookout for this school bus conversion to possibly show up on AirBnB just outside Eugene, OR.

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Valerie Bus


Heidi Miller enjoys tea inside her hippy chic short school bus conversion.

School Bus Conversion

Kyle Volkman

Roof raise and all, this 1986 school bus conversion only ended up costing $10-$15k

Kyle Volkman demonstrates that you only need a few skills to get started on a school bus conversion. Everything else will come later as you make mistakes and learn from them. Check out all of Kyle's unique ways of utilizing space in his bus conversion.

This vegetable powered school bus conversion is home for Kyle and his business. Professionally converting school buses, vans and even an ambulance, Kyle travels to the clients location with all the tools he needs to complete a conversion on the road.

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Kyle Volkman


Kyle Volkman spent many hours on the fine details and finish work inside his school bus conversion.

School Bus Conversion

Wild And Free Lawsons

Wild and Free: Nine Family Members. One School Bus. Unlimited Possibilities.

"We would definitely recommend this lifestyle to any family because of the freedom. Living a more simple life allows for the things that really do matter to take preference. Cultivating the things that matter most."

This family of nine lives full time on the road while shooting wedding photography and homeschooling the kids. Trading the mortgage for gas money this large family has become rich in experiences.

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Wild And Free Lawsons


The Lawson's beg to differ when it comes to the myth that you can't raise a family in a school bus conversion.

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