~ 4x4 School Bus For Sale ~ 2001 GMC 6.5l Turbo Diesel ~

Make: GMC~
Model: 3500 Savana~
Bus Model: Corbiel~
Motor: Detroit 6.5l Turbo Diesel~
Miles: 220k~
Driveline: 4x4 (Quigley 4x4 conversion with Ford Dana 60 solid front axle)~
Wheels: 2 Front - 4 Rear~
Tire Tread: Brand new with 500 miles on them.
Average MPG: 12 mpg~
Rear Airbags: Firestone~
New Parts: 

 - 50' LED Light bar
 - Rear Differential
 - All new u-joints on driveshaft
 - Rear brake shoes
 - Front brake calipers
 - Front brake pads
 - Front rotors
 - Brake lines front and rear
 - Exhaust manifold
 - Vacuum pump
 - Glo-plugs
 - Alternator
 - Front and rear shocks
 - lots of little parts for preventative maintenance

Solar: Two 100w Grape Solar panels, MPPT 320w charge controller, 2000w Xantrex inverter
Lights and Outlets: LED lights and ten 120v outlets throughout the bus.
Fridge: Grape Solar 12v/120v Fridge
Washing machine: Basecamp single tub washing machine
Stove: Basecamp 2 Burner Angle Iron
Wood Stove: Kni-Co Trekker
Shower: Basecamp BOSS Portable Propane Shower
Backup Generator: Honda EU2000i (with eco throttle)
Storage: Yakima Skybox carbon fiber
Bed: Memory foam topper with outdoor patio furniture fabric for repelling water and longer wear and tear.
Curtains: Felt backed custom curtains for holding in heat during winter or keeping out sun in summer.

This 4x4 short school bus was bought originally from the founder of Bus Life Adventure and was used in the filming of the documentary "Life In The Bus Lane" and was driven from Utah to Alaska and all over the Western US and Canada. "Bruce" as he's been names is one unique bus with 4 wheel drive and a custom platform on the back with storage space underneath. Bruce was originally 5 windows long and had one window section cut out of the back which left 4 feet of existing frame to weld onto and extend for a total deck size of 8' long and 8.6" wide. The deck is designed to hold two snowmobiles and has been engineered to distribute the weight to middle of the frame. In the summer racks are installed on the back to carry bikes and paddle/surf boards. Under the deck is lots of storage for wood, tools, snowboards, ladder, backup generator, propane, etc.

The orgignal owner was a cabinet maker when younger and had custom built all the cabinets and interior. It can sleep up to 6 people if you cram. 4 people is how it was designed and takes about 5 minutes to change from dining table to bed.

Every other window on the bus has screens for summertime to keep bugs out and comes with two more screens for the rear door and front bus door. There is no AC in the bus but it is insulated to help during the summer. Heat is provided by a little wood stove that is more than enough for keeping warm. There is a Mr. Heater backup propane heater that can be used some mornings when trying to get on the road and only need a little heat to get moving and get the bus started.

Recently a good chunk of change was spent to have a bunch of preventative maintenance and "Bruce" is running great. The turbo diesel helps with climbing big hills when fully loaded. The only problems to note with the motor has been regular maintenance of a vehicle with that many miles. Things like a leaking exhaust manifold, alternator, vacuum pump, etc. 

Bruce is being sold due to the current owner needing more room for their fast moving one year old. They used Bruce for one summer and winter and now need something a little bigger.

Items needing repair: It needs a new paint job in my opinion.

Asking Price: $23,000

Current Location: Mt. Shasta, CA

Contact: Demetrius @ 510-435-0583 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 3



Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 7


Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 7


Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 7


Backup Honda EU2000i backup generator and two propane tanks.

Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 2

Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 1

Front locking hubs.


Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 4






Quick connect propane line for hooking up the stove inside. Stove can be taken outside to cook as well. Hence detachable line.


Cots were designed to hold two males weighing around 160 lbs.


Cot storage when all rolled up. Oh, and storage for your Red Ryder BB Gun...


Portable shower allows use inside or outside. Great for rinsing off outside after a surf. Also prevents pipes from freezing in winter as there are no pipes.




Demetrius 4x4 Bus For Sale 5

Summer setup.

Winter setup from original owner and Bus Life Adventure founder Brock Butterfield.



Video tour of bus.


Asking Price: $23,000

Current Location: Mt. Shasta, CA

Contact: Demetrius @ 510-435-0583 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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