Quiet Hot Spring Resort With Private Soaking Rooms Makes For An Excellent "Bus Stop" When Driving I-84 Through Idaho

Many times I have found myself driving the stretch between Salt Lake City and the Pacific Northwest in one day but it wasn't until a recent back injury forced me to pick up Hiking Hot Springs of the Pacific Northwest and start thumbing through the pages in search of mineral water soaking along the route to give my back a rest from sitting and driving for many hours. A short 3.5 hours north of Salt Lake City, UT and and even quicker 1.5 hours south from Boise, ID makes Miracle Hot Springs Resort in Buhl, Idaho a great place to stop along the way or make a day adventure out of it.


Miracle Hot Springs With Private Soaking Rooms

The doors of the private soaking rooms line the edges of the hot pools.

After exiting I-84 there's a short drive on paved country roads winding through Hagerman, ID farm land and eventually flowing down into the banks of the Snake River. The area known for its "Thousand Springs" will present cascading waterfalls both small and powerful as the springs tumble into the Snake River. If you blink as you cross a bridge, you might miss the signs for Miracle Hot Springs so keep the eyeballs focused and the Google Maps directions handy.

As you pull in you'll see a small campground to your right with roughly 10 RV sites that provide water and power hookups as well as 3 single tent camping spots speckled along the river with tall river reeds providing seclusion. At the time of writing this article the RV sites were $20/night and tent camping $10/night of which does not include hot springs access and is sold separately. As you pull into the parking lot at the hot pools you'll also notice small camping domes that can be rented with proces ranging from $69 - $94/night and include swimming access to the hot pools. There is also free overnight parking just down the road. See end of article for more info and directions to that rest area.

Miracle Hot Springs Parking

24' Hank fits nicely with other Miracle Hot Pools visitors.


Miracle Hot Springs RV Camping

RV camp site along the river at Miracle Hot Springs in Buhl, ID

Miracle Hot Springs Tent Camping

River reeds and Russian Olive trees provide secluded tent camping sites at Miracle Hot Springs


Miracle Hot Springs River Side Camping

Riverside camping at Miracle Hot Springs.

Miracle Hot Springs Dome Tent Camping

Enjoy outside dining next to a rentable dome tent.


Miracle Hot Springs Dome Tent Camping

Dome tents are equipped with AC and heat for all year round nightly rentals.

For $10 you gain access to the hot pools and showers for a day. If you want the privacy of a private soaking room with an open ceiling you can pay an extra $4 for an hour and break out the birthday suit. The private soaking room pools can seat about 4-6 people and have a private changing room.

The showers and bathrooms are extremely clean and very modern with new tile and tall ceilings. There's a little breakroom as well were I typically fill up my water jugs on board.

Miracle Hot Springs Hottest Pool

Entrace to the hottest pool with nice shade.

Miracle Hot Springs Sunbathing Deck

Sunbathing deck atop the hottest pool at Miracle Hot Springs.

Miracle Hot Springs Main Pool

Miracle Hot Springs Small Hot Pools

Miracle Hot Springs Private Changing Rooms

Private changing rooms with cubbies in plain view of the hot springs.

Miracle Hot Springs Private Soaking Room Entrance

Inside view of the private soaking room with a changing area.


Miracle Hot Springs Private Hot Pool

The heat of the private hot pools are adjustable to your liking.

Miracle Hot Springs Open Sky View

Open air and the open sky greets you as you submerge yourself in mineral water.


Miracle Hot Springs Clean Public Showers

Clean and modern public showers at Miracle Hot Springs.


Miracle Hot Springs 14

Gram and Reba covering security while we soak. Reba will lick ya, cat will kill ya.

The surrounding area actually has a good amount of cool things to see as well including the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Malad Gorge State Park, Snake River Birds of Prey Area and Bruneau Dunes State Park. 

When I pass through I opt to take advantage of the free parking at the rest area just down the road. This rest area has clean bathrooms, is next to the wildlife refuge and is off of a rural farm road which makes for a much quieter night compared to some rest areas on the interstates. You can find it on Google Maps here.

If you're looking for a nice stop to soak your bones off of I-84 then pop into Hagerman, ID / Buhl, ID and seek out the hot pool resorts. There are three to choose from and I've only soaked in Miracle Hot Springs but if you take a dip in 1000 Springs Resort or Banbury Hot Springs let me know how it went and I'll update to share the knowledge with other skoolies looking for a "bus stop".

Recommended Hot Springs Gear

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