Ever considered a van conversion that isn't a Sprinter? Dodge is becoming a more popular alternative to the high mechanic fees associated with Mercedes Sprinter vans and their becoming more popular in Europe so in the event you decide to ship you and your van conversion over to Europe you'll be able to find parts. Check out the details from the owner on this Promaster van conversion for sale.

Ram Promaster 1500

Had been dreaming about this build out for a long time as a weekend Warrior mountain biker living in the city. Built out to be a bedroom / chill space on wheels, stealth, comfortable and allow for rad weekend or multi-week trips. 
The short wheel base and FWD makes it super easy to drive. No problem getting into any car park. The Couch/Bed converts from couch to bed in less than 5 mins. Currently set up to store 2 mountain bikes inside + all the gear needed for multi-week mountain bike road trips. My wife and I have done multiple warm weather bike trips in the van and a few ski trips. Have slept in the van comfortably with outside temps of -10F.

Build out details... Lots of internet research + work

-Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery. It is housed under the driver's seat in a Taylor 200 series Aluminum Battery box.
-Battery Doctor between house battery and starter batter to prevent draining of the starter battery. Mounted to the Taylor 200 series Aluminum Battery box so it can be easily accessed. Has override mode to allow house battery to start van if starter battery dies.
-Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar panel and controller. Panel mounted to the roof and wired, via controller to the house battery. Controller mounted to the Taylor 200 series Aluminum Battery box so it can be easily accessed.
-Blue Sea Systems WeatherDeck Waterproof Panels, 6 fuses 4 currently used.
-Blue Sea System 4 port USB charger for charging iphones, ipads etc (van does not have AC power)
-MaxxAir Fan with remote control mounted at front of van. Wired into Blue Sea panel. 

Two light systems:
-Doing stuff lights: Five LED pucks on dimmer switch. 4 on the ceiling one mounted low on a wall to illuminate the floor.
-Night time / reading: Two LED bars on dimmer switch mounted facing towards the ceiling to diffuse their light. 

-All walls and ceilings have Nico 80mil sound deadener applied. At least 25% of surface area covered.
-Wall insulation is 2 inch thick R-Max Thermaseath R13.1 glued in place with Great Stuff. 
-Ceiling insulation is 1 inch thick R-Max Thermaseath R3.85 glued in place with Great Stuff. 
-Van ribs and hard to reach crannies have had Great stuff applied for insulation and sound proofing. 
-Floor is ½" sound board , a sheet of reflectix and 7mm thick click together vinyl flooring. Keeps the van quiet, warm and looking classy. Floor is easy to clean. Floor is only mounted to van at sliding door and rear doors to allow for heat expansion. 
-Wall paneling is plywood with automotive fabric applied. 
-Ceiling is Cedar tongue and grove. Smells real nice and looks the part.
-Door paneling is plywood with automotive fabric applied. Paneling mounted via bolts and thread inserts maintaining access to interior of doors. Bolts thread locked.
-Easy access / refill water jug
-Insulated covers for all windows included. 
- Couch slides out to bed. Bed dimensions are: 52" wide and 78" long
- Two bikes with 15mm (or 12mm) front axles can be mounted on Rocky Mount DriveShaft mounts. Front wheels have holders keeping them out of the way and secure. Quick and easy to mount bikes and maximizes space inside the van. The Rocky mounts and front wheel holders can be removed.

Van is currently located in Colorado Springs CO.

Reach out with questions. I am selling the van b/c my Wife and I are having a child, this van only seats two. Next van build out will be very similar just with more seating!