Diesel International DT466 Full Size 1993 Bluebird School Bus For Sale

-Update: We had the intention to convert this into a future family bus but after just finishing our short skoolie I've realized I won't have the time or funds for a whille to do a full bus conversion and hate to see this great of a bus just sitting without any love. I've dropped the price to help a worthy buyer be able to afford such a good bus to start their "bus life". Check out all the details below and feel free to reach out to me with questions.

This full size school bus for sale has lived in Oregon it's whole life and never exposed to road salt. It's 98% rust free with only a few rust areas on the seat bolts. Underbody and exterior has no rust. Motor and transmission have no significant leaks or drips. If you've been doing your research on buses then you probably know the standard the DT466 sets for running forever if you keep all the fluids topped off. Being that it's not the DT466E the motor is all mechanical and no "electronic controls". Meaning it doesn't rely on a computer to run and is easier to work on and troubleshoot without much mechanical knowledge. It also has the upgraded Allison transmission which is a huge bonus. Do some reading up on the Allison transmissions if you're not familiar.


Make - International

Model - Bluebird

Motor - DT466

Miles - 277k

Transmission - Allison

Tires - 60% tread left

Current Location - Outside Eugene, OR

Asking Price - $6,000 Reduced: $5,000  SOLD 













A few seat bolts are rusty.


Underbody is rust free.

Asking Price - $6,000 Reduced: $5,000  SOLD