Short Bus Conversion For Sale - Ford V8 7.3l Powerstroke

Make: Ford

Model: E350

Bus Model: Corbiel

Motor: V8 7.3l Powerstroke

Miles: 170k

Driveline: 2wd


Tire Tread: Great shape, maybe 10k 

Average MPG: 12 mpg

Color: Satin Black

New Parts: 

 - Front Rotors

 - Rear Rotors

 - Front Brake pads

 - Rear Brake pads

 - Injector Cups (Common problem on 7.3)

 - Alternator replaced within 8 months

 - Belt Tensioner Replaced within 8 months

 - Front Wheel Bearings

 - Front Suspension within last 2 years (Shocks and Springs)

  • Tons of miscellaneous parts
  • Starter Relay (8 Months)
  • Starter

Power Management: Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum (Wakes the 7.3l right up!)

Solar: One 100watt Grape Solar Panel, One 100-watt Renogy (200 watts total) 20amp charge controller. (2) Trojan T-105 225AH

Shore Power: Noco Genius 1-Bank 10a On-Board Battery Charger

Lights and Outlets: LED lights and USB + 12V outlets throughout the bus.

Heater: Diesel Parking Air Heater with Auxiliary 20 gallon Fuel Cell

Shower: Local Creeks/Rivers and Lakes!

Storage: Storage all under bed, couch, and dresser.

Bed: Full size 6inch memory foam bed sleeps two comfortably

Water: 7 Gallon Fresh Water/7 Gallon Grey Water tanks.  Rocket Hand Pump with 7-inch sink. 

Stove: Camp Chef 2 burner stove with Oven. 

Patio: 3 Foot back patio

Sound: Alpine CD player with Bluetooth

This 2001 Ford E350 Short bus has done me well, I bought it from a bus garage where it was stored inside and maintained as a fleet vehicle.  I purchased it with 100k on it and have had no major issues with it over the past couple years.  It currently has 170k and has been traveling the east coast filming a web series in which we named “The Pursuit.”  I have attached links below to the film series. The bus has a Bully Dog programmer, which helps wake up the Powerstroke and climbs hills and holds highway speeds with ease.  She will hold 80mph climbing a hill with ZERO issue.  The bus has gone thru multiple interior redesigns and I think I’ve got it just perfect now.  I’ve installed a diesel parking air heater, which has a thermostat and can maintain temperatures up to 80 degrees in the middle of winter.  It sleeps 3 comfortably (2 on bed 1 on couch) and you can even add a sleeping pad down the middle to sleep a fourth.  I built this thing specifically for winter and winter camping and it has never let me down, from cold starts (-10 degrees) to climbing the pass in the winter (With Chains) this thing is an absolute workhorse and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I’m selling because I’m shifting gears and want to start a new project.  Hoping to pass this along to someone who will love it as much as I do!





Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9

Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9

Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9


Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9


Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9

Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9


Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9


Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9

Adam S Ford Short Bus For Sale 9



Items needing repair: It has lived on the East Coast its entire life, so there is some rust, Frame is solid, I’ve had it undercoated every year I’ve owned it.  It’s got its quirks but it’s a solid runner with low miles for that drivetrain. 

-Blower Motor Fan Only Works on High

-Wires need to be cleaned up under the bed (May have that done before sale)

Asking Price: $15,000 obo

Current Location: Buffalo, NY

Contact: Adam 716-432-6375 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video Walk-thru: