We've teamed up with some of our amazing sponsors and brands we love to help bring our loyal Bus Life Adventure fans discounts and deals on stand up paddle boards, bluetooth speakers and headphones, hammocks, foot powder, boots and camping or tiny lifestyle products.

Brands we can offer deals from:

  • Basecamp and Mr. Heater Products offer everything from simple propane heaters to 120v or 12v fridge/freezers to portable showers to portable washing machines. See deals here.

  • Friendly Foot powder for those of you that run, hike, snowboard, rock climb or anything else that involves getting your foot sweaty and you want something non toxic for your feet. See deals here.

  • GLIDE SUP (stand up paddle boards) which are all Made In USA. See deals here.

  • Grape Solar panels, charge controllers and accessories. See deals here.

How do you get the discount and coupon codes?

Easy. Just stand on one foot, rub your belly and then say "Bus Life Adventure" 5 times and the links to the discount and coupon codes will appear below. *Note* They will actually appear if you scroll down the page too but that's not as fun as the first method. 

What happens if a discount code I entered doesn't work?

Well, shoot. That's super lame and we want to figure out what's going on. By golly we'll march right down to that brand's office and demand justice! 

What if I work for a company that would like to also offer Bus Life Adventure followers a discount or coupon code?

We take pride in offering our followers only the best products our there that we have tested and approve of. If you feel like you have an uber amazing item to offer our fans and followers we'd be happy to review and test first before making a decision. You can email us if you're interested: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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