GLIDE Stand Up Paddle Board Discount Code

Bringing GLIDE SUP (stand up paddle board) on as an official sponsor was a no brainer when we looked into them. All their foam board are made in the Salt Lake City, UT by rad employees who love their jobs and are made with patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating protects the board from transportation damage and bumper boats. GLIDE prides themselves on being "Made In USA" and are the largest and greenest SUP factory in the Americas. Even the materials in the boards are from American companies unlike 95% of their competition who import materials from China a Thailand. The closest they get to importing anything is when they make a run to the liquor store for Mexican beer. You can watch a video tour we did of the factory here.

GLIDE has agreed to give us a discount code to our fans and followers that gives you free shipping and 10% off any board. If you've ever looked into getting a SUP you know their a little pricey so why not save 10% and get a board made in the USA? We've beat the hell out of ours in our travels with the bus and can't believe how well they've held up compared to other brands.

To view the boards click on the link below. If you have any questions on the boards and what might be a good one for you shoot us an email. We're happy to fill you in on the boards we love depending on what water we're riding. 

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