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2005 Blue Bird for sale
Description2005 Blue Bird Transit FE. 78 passenger capacity, diesel fueled, hyd brakes and a C7 engine. Stock# 100740
4,800 USD
2005 Blue Bird Bus For Sale
Description2005 Blue Bird for sale. 66 passenger capacity, diesel fueled, hyd brakes and a C7 engine. Stock# 133896
4,800 USD
Skoolie project underway- The hard work is done!
DescriptionShort bus insulated and ready for interior details
9,950 USD
Light and Airy Skoolie
DescriptionEnjoy the scenery in this light and bright Skoolie.
40,000 USD
2007 International Navistar Bus For Sale
Description2007 IC BE, 30 passenger capacity, diesel fueled, hydraulic brakes, 6.0 engine
5,600 USD
DescriptionReady to go off the grid camper complete with water, propane, full kitchen, heater, ac, fridge, and tons of storage!
22,000 USD
Off Grid 17ft 7.3L Diesel Ford Skoolie
DescriptionMUST SEE: 17ft Off grid skoolie built for adventure with a rock solid Ford 7.3L diesel that will go for 500000 miles!
18,000 USD
Price Reduced for this One-of-a-kind Skoolie.
Description1994 Thomas Skoolie. 175 square ft. with 9' ceilings. Cubic Mini wood stove, Mini-split AC/Heat pump, more.
46,000 USD


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