Taking your pets with you on the road

Travelling With Dog

Guest Writer: Angie Hill

What could be better for having the best pet-friendly travels on the road than a vehicle that comes complete with all the creature comforts of a house, but on wheels instead? Waking up in new locations for you and your pet to explore is what life’s all about!

One of the primary benefits of travel in a converted vehicle is that your pets can get some real enjoyment from the great outdoors during the day and then get to sleep in the same comfy spot at night; just like in a regular home.

Offering them that consistency is a super way to get your pet relaxed and at ease with this type of environment.

Travelling with your pets in a converted vehicle can also throw up some different challenges that you wouldn’t have to consider in a stationary home. This is all part of the ride though, and with the tricks and tips we’ve picked up to keep pets smiling, safe and content, you can use them to help you and your pets on your travels.

Top Tips for Travelling on the Road with Pets

1. A prepared packing list

Before you set off anywhere, set aside a decent amount of time just to go over all the things that you will need to pack for your pet. To help you out, we’ve listed the main ones already, and then you can add in more that might be relevant to you later on.

  • Food and doggy treats
  • Drinking water
  • Travel food/water bowls
  • Up-to-date ID tags
  • Photos of your pet
  • Copies of health records and vaccinations
  • Leashes
  • Carpet cleaner (just in case!)
  • Towel
  • Bed
  • Some toys
  • Any required medication and/or supplements
  • Poop bags
  • Pet insect repellent and sunscreen
  • First aid kit

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2. Research where to go

When you’re on the road with pets, you have to think about their needs as well as your own, but being pet owners, you probably put them first anyway! That’s great, and it’ll help you figure this point out more effectively.

Essentially, you just want to take the time to make sure that wherever you are headed has a lovely range of pet-friendly places for them to explore, as well as places to eat so that no member of the family is left behind.


3. Staying safe while driving

As tempting as it might be, you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of having your pet on your lap while you’re driving. At the same time, having a pet roaming about in the back can also be risky as they can cause a distraction.

You need to have total focus on driving for everyone’s safety, so pets should always be safely buckled up in an appropriately fitted, crash-tested seatbelt harness or alternatively, in a carrier that is fastened in place.

If your pet is new to all of this, it might be worth going out for a few small rides first of all to get them used to how it feels and then they’ll see this as normal routine when the time comes to go further afield.

4. Factor in more breaks

When you are eager to reach, discover and enjoy a new location, it can be really tempting to just keep on truckin’. If you need to stop for a quick stretch and a toilet break, your pet needs the same consideration as well.

Just factor in that they need some little walks and toilet breaks so that they can be great travel companions and make the most of your journeys together. It’ll help break up long drives and that way it won’t feel like your whole day has been spent behind the wheel.

5. Stay aware of the temperature

We all know about the dangers of pets overheating in cars, but even in your super comfy converted bus, the weather can become a little pesky if you’re not on top of it. Just bear in mind that you should keep an eye on weather forecasts and be aware of high/low temperatures where you are heading.

It might be worth just fitting a temperature gauge in your vehicle as a precaution. This will give you the opportunity to have peace of mind about the exact temperature in your vehicle. That way, you can rest assured that your pet will be perfectly comfortable while travelling, or while you’ve popped out for something.

6. Be an exemplary travelling pet owner

With the rise of digital nomads and people escaping standard homes to travel on the road more, so does the number of pet-friendly welcoming spots to travel to.

Policies are always changing and improving to help pet owners enjoy life with their extra family members who are by their side enjoying the trip with them. To keep this trend going, we all need to be the best pet owners we can and lead by example.

Stay on the right side of any leash laws that need adhering to, follow local pet guidelines, and always ensure that you pick up after your pets.

Hopefully, these pointers are useful for your future adventure and your pets can have an amazing time on the road travelling with you as a family!