Your Complete Guide To Life On The Road In A Van

John and Jayme from Gnomad Home just dropped a great little article on the ins and outs of Vanlife that's worth a read if you're still trying the make that decision on whether a van conversion or bus conversion is best for you.

These two have been living vanlife for quite some time now and the insight they provide in their article is a vault of knowledge for anyone that is completely new to making the lifestyle change.

Here's a quick preview of the topics they cover:

What is Van Life?

  • Why Would You Want to Live in a Van?
  • What Are the Challenges of Vanlife?

How to Live in a Van

  • Converting a Van into a Mobile Living Space
  • Where to Park Your Van at Night
  • Bathrooms, Showers, and Laundry
  • How Much Does Vanlife Cost?
  • Making Money on the Road
  • Getting Mail on the Road
  • Insurance (health, auto, property, etc)
  • Resources and Community on the Road

Check out the full article here.Check out the full article here.